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How Many Watts Does A Street Light Use?


Introduction: You will find more and more road lighting with LED street lights in it. Indeed, thanks to energy efficiency, long life, high luminous efficiency, and environmental friendliness, road lighting has become more clear, safer, and more reliable. But there are some parameters you should carefully consider when choosing LED lighting. For example, the wattage…

How Long Do LED Street Lights Last?


Introduction: One of the most significant changes in lighting has been the introduction of LED lighting solutions. LEDs offer multiple benefits for users. They are eco-friendly and efficient as well as safe. Because of their long-lasting benefits and energy savings, LED street lights are popular. LED lights last longer than other lighting devices and typically…

Do You Know The Accessories Of Outdoor LED Street Lights?


Introduction: In previous articles, we talked a lot about outdoor LED street lights. Outdoor LED street light has features like high luminous efficiency, long lifespan, good lighting effect, and others. It also saves energy and protects the environment. Currently, LED street lights have mostly taken the place of conventional high-pressure sodium lamps. Are you familiar…

How To Design LED Roadway Lighting?


Introduction: No one can ignore the importance of roadway lighting. Especially for people traveling, clear roadway lighting improves visibility, reduces the likelihood of danger, and increases safety. With the need for reality and the advancement of technology, you will find that many areas have started to introduce LED street lighting. Indeed, LED roadway lighting can…

The Complete Guide For Urban LED Street Lighting

LED street lights

Introduction: The street light is a lighting facility that provides the necessary visibility for vehicles and pedestrians on the road at night. Street lights are the “eyes” of the city and play an essential role in the process of urban development. Perfect urban street lighting can not only provide a comfortable night environment for people…

The Knowledge You Need To Know About Golf Course Lighting

golf course lighting

Introduction: As the game of golf becomes more and more well known, more and more people are entering the golf course. Therefore, golf course lighting becomes especially important for players and spectators at night. A perfect golf course lighting at night is not easy to accomplish; there are many factors that must be considered. If…

Why Choose LED Lights For Outdoor Basketball Court Lighting?

LED stadium lights

Introduction: Effective lighting plays a key role in both indoor and outdoor locations. For outdoor venues, the area to be illuminated is larger, and the safety requirements are higher, so it is vital to choose a suitable lighting solution. With the popularity of sports, more people appear on basketball courts, soccer fields, and table tennis…

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